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Viva Vegeria and Ad Valorem Taxes: Bringing Together the Love of Law and Tacos

I stumbled upon this south side taco gem while on attorney ad litem duty for Bexar County's ad valorem property tax suits. For those unfamiliar with those terms, just know that when somebody doesn't pay their property taxes, the county in which the property is located will try to foreclose and sell the property in order to pay the tax bill. I say "county", but one's property tax bill is usually made up of charges from the County, municipality, school district, and other local services. Before anyone can sell the property, however, state law demands that they appoint someone like me to try to find either the record owners, their legal heirs, or anybody else who might want to pay the taxes in order to avoid foreclosure. While the process can sometimes be an unpleasant one for the ad litem, I am technically there to represent any interested parties and do whatever I can to help avoid foreclosure. In theory, a judge will not sign an order authorizing foreclosure until they are convinced that I have satisfied due diligence in investigating the owner's whereabouts and trying to find potential payment sources.

Despite the unpleasantries, I appreciate my ad litem appointments as great ways to see and experience new areas of Bexar County that I never would have in my normal course of life. Without these assignments, I probably never would have encountered Viva Vegeria at 1422 Nogalitos Street. Unlike your typical Mexican spot serving up every conceivable cut of meat, Viva Vegeria specializes in its extremely vegan friendly menu. To my understanding, "vegan" means not only no meat, but the absence of all animal products, including dairy, eggs, etc. Though I have been skeptic most of my life, a recent health kick has led me to appreciate and even seek out the occasional vegan meal. It may never surpass my love of beef fajita and pork carnita tacos, but I definitely see the merits of a vegetable based diet.

Even if you aren't quite ready to jump on the vegan band wagon, I bet you would have no problem enjoying, as I did, the BBQ Cauliflower Taco Plate. The warm corn tortillas, tangy pickle slaw, and hearty cauliflower chunks tossed in a sweet smokey BBQ sauce deliver a taco experience so fulfilling, you won't even think about the fact that your waitress didn't ask "beef or chicken?" when you ordered. Add on a side of vegan charro beans, rice, guacamole, and jalapeño vinaigrette salad, and your looking at a delicious meal that won't leave you feeling guilty about ditching the diet. If cauliflower isn't your thing, other appealing meat substitutes include fried avocado, portabella mushroom fajitas, and soy bean picadillo. I especially want to come back to try the nachos, topped with "vegan queso", quinoa, avocado, and kimchi. No matter how convinced you are that vegan isn't your thing, I bet you will leave Viva Vegeria with both a full belly and an appreciation for veggies when done right!


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