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Tacos N' Salsa

For residents of San Antonio's far north side, the journey for delicious tacos can often mean venturing long distances into the City's interior. While I am lucky enough to work in an industry that routinely leads me deep into known taco county, this can prove problematic for those who don't get out of the north side bubble. Tacos N' Salsa solves that problem by offering delicious, authentic tacos at 5123 N. Loop 1604, just off 1604 between Northwest Military and Vance Jackson.

Following a long Saturday morning run at Phil Hardberger Park, I decided swing by TNC on my way home and enjoy my to-go tacos in the comforts of my own home. I've found this to be the preferred method, since eating inside can get a little crowded and hectic. While the menu offers an array of traditional breakfast taco options, I recommend the Trash Can Taco. This beautiful creation is sort of a "dealer's choice" situation, with no two tacos exactly alike. Instead of following any set instruction, they are a unique blend of whatever is on hand, including bean, cheese, egg, bacon, potato, various shredded meats, and my personal favorite, carne guisada. No matter what combination you find yourself biting into, it is guaranteed to hit the spot.

Another great feature of this north side taqueria is its complimentary, self-serve salsa bar. Today I accented my Trash Can creations with three different salsas. The first was a fiery hot Habanero-ghost salsa. The second was a more traditional salsa roja. I balanced it all out with my third, a cool, refreshing guacamole salsa. Other highly recommended options include the green salsa verde and the chunky pico de gallo. There are really no ways to go wrong at the salsa bar, so you might as well try them all!

Overall, I highly recommend Tacos N' Salsa for both the unique Trash Can tacos and assortment of home made salsas. It is an especially good option for those lazy weekend mornings that always seem to get better with a big bag of tacos. Be sure to call ahead to minimize the chaos that can sometimes occur inside. Get in, get out, and enjoy!


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