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Restaurante Antojitos Hondureños

One problem with good local Mexican food is that many of the best places open extremely early, but close before dinner. I ran into this problem last night heading from downtown to my home on the far north side. Cruising through the north-central area around 8:00pm, all my go-to spots were long closed. I was about to give up when I glanced Restaurante Antojitos Hondureños at 2502 Blanco Road. Though I wasn't sure exactly what constituted food from Honduras, I figured I could make do. I was right.

I normally know my way around a Mexican menu pretty well, no matter how little english there is. As I've mentioned in prior posts, I consider myself quite proficient in "Restaurant Spanish." I was pretty surprised, therefore, when I could not make sense of much of Antojitos' menu. Even the pictures portrayed dishes I had trouble identifying. After talking to my waitress about it, she pointed me towards the Carne Asada. While the name sounds familiar enough, it was definitely different than what I'm used to. The beef was served in long, well-marinate strips as opposed to the small chopped bits often served in Mexican restaurants. The white rice and black refried beans were a nice change from Mexican rice and refried pinto beans. The homemade corn tortillas were hot and fresh, just like I like them.

The absolute best part was the mound of fried green bananas on top of the plate. Crispy on the outside, warm and chewy on the inside, they are like an exotic version of french fries. You are technically supposed to choose between the bananas and tortillas, but, finding that completely unacceptable and a little cruel, I ordered both. The fried bananas were absolutely delicious wrapped up in a corn tortilla with some beef, avocado, and a liberal dose of Honduran hot sauce. Sort of like a tangier, spicier tabasco sauce, I can see why it comes in a bottle with a sports-drink squeeze top (because its good enough to drink).

I can now say with confidence I am a big fan of Honduran food. The menu has lots to offer, so I will definitely be back. Highly recommend Restaurante Antojitos Hondureños!


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