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Mi Sierra Jalisco

I'm not going to lie, I actually showed up at 1242 Babcock Road looking for an old haunt of mine, Al's El Regio Grill, only to find that it is no longer there. Luckily, it has been succeeded by a similar establishment, Mi Sierra Jalisco. Though I will forever miss Al's, this new place has all the old menu favorites, and they were smart enough to keep the drive-thru operational. It also appears to have filled the neighborhood void, as several people showed up on foot throughout my meal and took food to go. Besides, I have generally found that any place with the word "Jalisco" in the title usually delivers the good stuff.

While the rainy, overcast weather originally had me in the mood for some hot caldo de pollo, the appealing pictures in the menu quickly made me change my tune. After a struggle of several minutes (that probably drove my waitress crazy) I decided on an a la carte assortment of one beef fajita taco, one bean and cheese taco, and a chicken gordita. The tacos delivered, though I must say the beef was a little tough to be called fajita. I think asada would be more accurate. The corn masa gordita was a little chewy, but the delicious tinga-style shredded chicken inside made up for it. Despite my minuscule complaints, I'm always a sucker for some good salsa. Everything was made right, therefore, by the availability of four unique salsas to slather on my meal.

Though I would not necessarily go too far out of my way to visit Mi Sierra Jalisco, it is a perfectly tasty option if you happen to find yourself around the intersection of Babcock and Hillcrest. On top of that, the wait staff was very friendly, bringing me a to-go cup of iced tea before I could even ask, and making sure I had all the possible salsa selections with my meal. The drive thru also makes it a great option for some tacos on the go. If you're in the neighborhood, you won't go wrong here!


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