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La Capital Del Sabor

First off, let me just say that if taco tasting were a profession, I would gladly give up my law license right now to pursue it. I have always considered myself a bit of a foodie, and in San Antonio, that means Mexican food and lots of it. In that spirit, this new blog series documents my immense love for the delicious tacos my hometown has to offer. Check it out to read my reviews of the various taquerias and Mexican cafes I pop into around town. Some will be popular spots you may have heard of or frequented, while others might be the lesser known, "hole in the wall" establishments that make San Antonio such a great culinary destination.

As my first taco review, it is only right that I visited probably my favorite Mexican place in town, La Capital Del Sabor. Located at the corner of Bandera Road and Cincinnati Avenue, it has been high on my list since my early days at St. Mary's University School of Law. After spending several hours building up an appetite in class or at the library, I would take to the streets of the City's west side on the prowl for some good tacos. In my 3 years of law school, I am happy to report I was rarely disappointed.

The first thing I love about this place is its authenticity. From the vibrant yellow building to the ubiquitous Spanish Soap Operas playing on the television, this place lets you know right off the bat that it is the real deal. While my Espanol definitely needs work, I thought I did pretty well with what I call "restaurant Spanish". If I hear "para tomar?", I know to say "cafe y agua, por favor." If they ask "todo bien?", I respond, enthusiastically, "Todo bien!". If I hear "Algo mas?" I know that is my cue to request more water to douse the flame from too many peppers and salsa. No matter how silly I probably sound, the wait staff is always friendly and brings me exactly what I ask for.

While I normally go for the lunch-time Caldo Tlapeno when at La Capital Del Sabor, my timing today inspired me opt for breakfast. Specializing in more interior-Mexican cuisine, they offer an exceptional Chilaquiles Verdes. This tangy dish consists of tortilla chips simmered in a green tomatillo sauce and topped with onion, queso fresco, and sour cream. Add on some fried eggs, refried beans, and fresh, homemade corn tortillas (an absolute must), and it makes for one mean meal. The red and green salsas are both delicious and pack a serious punch, so use caution.

As usual, I left fully satisfied, almost to the point of needing a nap. If you find yourself in the area, or are looking for a new culinary destination, I would highly recommend stopping by La Capital Del Sabor.


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