• mmcdonough029

El Rafa's Cafe

Today I joined my dad, Jim, for breakfast at one of our favorite spots, El Rafa's Cafe. While I usually take pride in my ability to sniff out delicious tacos, I will give credit where it is due by saying that this place was initially my Dad's discovery. Located at 1535 West Hildebrand, its proximity to I-10 makes it a great pit stop for those commuting from the north side to work in the City's interior. El Rafa's great food and quick cook time make it a great morning stop.

The most important thing to remember when ordering El Rafa's breakfast tacos is their size. I was able to take down the three that I ordered, but I will admit that one or two are probably the more reasonable options. My trio consisted of one potato and egg, one Huevo a la Mexicana, and one Asada a la Mexicana. The "a la Mexicana" description means a helping of grilled peppers, onions, and tomatoes mixed in with the other ingredients. They're veggies, so that basically makes it healthy, right?. My dad must have been feeling extra "Puro San Antonio" today, as he enjoyed one taco con chicharrones and one con lengua (stewed pork rinds and beef tongue). After a breakfast like that, we were ready to take on the day (or go back to bed).

El Rafa's great food, convenient location, and authenticity make it a solid option for some serious tacos. It may be easy to let your eyes be bigger than your stomach here, but for me, that is always a risk worth taking!


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