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Leon Springs and Greater San Antonio

Matthew J. McDonough is an estate planning, probate, and real-estate attorney located in the Leon Springs area of San Antonio, Texas. It is Mr. McDonough's goal to serve his client's needs by developing relationships based on trust and communication. Whether you need assistance with planning your own estate, probating the estate of a loved one, or clearing title to real property, Mr. McDonough will provide the information, advocacy, and support you and your family need to triumph through difficult situations. Mr. McDonough serves his client's needs by being equal parts listener, advisor, and advocate. By enlisting all three of these attributes, Mr. McDonough will make sure your issues are thoroughly identified, all your options are discussed, and your rights are preserved vigorously.

Working primarily in the Leon Springs area of northern San Antonio, Matthew J. McDonough prides himself on being especially available to clients in that region. While clients are always welcome to his office at the Dominion Ridge Shopping Center, Mr. McDonough is open to meeting at local establishments, work places,  as well as making house calls when appropriate. He strives to be your lawyer when and where you need him.

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The death of a loved one is never easy. Matthew J. McDonough understands that, and will make sure your case is handled with the respect and dignity it deserves. Whether an individual died testate (with a will) or intestate, Mr. McDonough has the knowledge and experience to pursue your probate needs correctly and efficiently.


Planning for the future can seem daunting, and it is easy to place estate planning on the perpetual back burner. Let Matthew J. McDonough successfully guide you through this process by encouraging open communications, simplifying your options, and presenting your estate plan clearly and understandably.

Have you or a loved one ever attempted to sell a home or or other real property, only to have the sales agent or title company report unexpected problems in the title? Matthew J. McDonough Law, PLLC has the experience and skills necessary to remedy these problems, clear legal title, and allow your sale to close successfully.




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